La Tallera: A moving factory

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David Alfaro Siqueiros

La Tallera. A moving factory

From September 20 til May 12, 2013

This gallery was recovered by Mónica Montes; who is documental manager in Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS) and Natalia de la Rosa, who is a UNAM research worker and witch, suggests a critical analysis about mural production process of La Marcha de la Humanidad en la Tierra y Hacia el Cosmos. The project was thought for Casino de la Selva Hotel where Manuel Suárez y Suárez was the manager. Inside the hotel will be re-covered with panels of escultopintura. The escultopintura is the art action where painting is mixed with sculpture; it gives a volume perspective outside of canvas. These panels were made with asbestos and cement. Finally, Suárez suggested and gave to Siqueiros a special building dedicated to mass production of murals. It started to work in 1995; its construction was needed many architects were supervised for Guillermo Russell de la Lama. They decided to expand this project in 1966. That year was built a special tourist-cultural place that it will be with Hotel de Mexico in Lama Park, denominated Polyforum Mexico 2000. The exhibition shows you La Tallera production process. It has a female name as a reason woman. The woman was special concept for him who creates life, action and art. This word was selected to differentiate between the classical style of workshop and a huge factory. Siqueiros was designated to organize his team works and he could adapt an industrial place with all the technological elements to produce his murals. The museum exhibit design was made for Issac Broid Architect and Marco Barrera museographer. They based on Siqueiros idea to build a wood structure where audience can appreciate the gallery in multiple perspectives.

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